Why MiX?

We like mixing things up: different ideas, different approaches, different influences, etc. Our projects are the result of continuous shuffling and blending. We merge together incongruous and unrelated elements into a completely new and unexpected whole. Hence the name MiX Architects.

Featured Projects

Prototype of an industrial shed

Year: 2009

Category: Commercial

Place: Anywhere

Status: Project

A design proposal of a modular grid shell structure prototype for industrial and agricultural uses.
The solution consists of a flexible, low-cost and easy to assemble lightweight structure to accommodate most of the modern farming and manufacturing methods that require closed space, and that, in addition of being functional, is also visually appealing.

The construction technique is based on the repetition of one single modular component, which simplifies both the production process and the on-site assembly.

The module is made of two layers of PVC coated polyester fabric, with dissimilar mechanical specifications and transparency degree, mounted on a self-supporting metal frame. The membrane’s translucency and low emissivity properties in combination with the orientation of the roof openings guarantee very good ventilation and natural light all year round, help to reduce the energy consumption for heating during wintertime and cooling during summertime, and secure optimal indoor conditions for the workers as well as for the animals.