Why MiX?

We like mixing things up: different ideas, different approaches, different influences, etc. Our projects are the result of continuous shuffling and blending. We merge together incongruous and unrelated elements into a completely new and unexpected whole. Hence the name MiX Architects.

Featured Projects

Shaded public space

Year: 2008

Category: Public

Place: Eilat

Status: Project

A 4800 m² tensile structure situated along the yachting marina of Eilat, a popular tourist resort located at the northern tip of the Red Sea, on the Gulf of Aqaba.

The structure consists of an undulating highly reflective PTFE canopy, arranged on a metal frame, and is intended as a multipurpose public space for outdoor leisure activity. The design proposal addresses the lack of such a facility capable of providing shelter from the city’s arid desert climate, where summer air temperatures often exceed 40˚C and the relative humidity is about 30%. In order to keep the visitors comfortable while out in the open air, three 14m high Down-draft evaporative cooling towers were integrated in the translucent membrane roof to naturally cool down the enclosed air. The cooling system is capable of decreasing air temperature by 10-15˚C under summer daytime conditions.